The Medialogy education is based on among others the studies of human and computer relations, audio-visual effects, human perception, immersive computer systems and new interfaces. During the span of the education, the students are given a strong technical foundation both in theory and in practice via teaching in for example math, programming, sensor technology. The teaching is then applied in the semester projects where the students work together in groups to solve real-life problems.

At Aalborg University, we offer a three-year bachelor’s programme in Medialogy (in Danish) followed by a two-year master’s programme in Medialogy (in English). Besides technical courses such as math and programming, you will study areas within perception, interaction design, sound, graphics, and film – and how computer science plays a part in the media productions both now and in the future.

You will also learn how we can utilise technological advances within science, to produce VJ applications or computer-generated animation movies in 3D. You will discover how to incorporate sensors in interfaces and how to generate advanced sound effects. Furthermore, you will develop an insight into creative processes as well as the considerations necessary before media productions begin.‚Äč

At Medialogy, we work with for example;

  • The design and technologies behind ground-breaking interactive digital media
  • Development of interactive media products, e.g. computer games
  • Technological solutions that help people, e.g. the blind, dyslexics, etc.