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Sound-professor Stefania Serafin receives award

Stefania Serafin, who is professor and Head of Multisensory Experience Lab at Create, AAU, received the Danish Sound Award at the Danish Sound Day.

Last modified: 26.11.2021

Photo: Danish Sound Cluster


Professor Stefania Serafin from the Department of Architecture, Design and Mediatechnology, Aalborg University, has received the Danish Sound Award.  

The award was presented by John Fogde, Head of “Struer, the City of Sound”, at the Danish Sound Day, which was held at Aalborg University Copenhagen on November 17th 2021.

John Fogde said about the reason for awarding Stefania Serafin: 

“Through the years, Stefania Serafin has been pivotal in securing Denmark’s role as a leader in fields such as sonic interaction design, sound and music computing and developing the role of sound in international virtual reality research.” 

"It's a team effort"

Stefania Serafin herself points out that, to her it’s a team effort. 

“I am extremely honoured to receive the award. It would not have been possible without the colleagues and students from the Multisensory Experience Lab that keep me constantly challenged and make me happy to go to work every day. I am looking forward to working many more years in this lab and collaborate with an increased amount of public and private institutions in Denmark and abroad, to maintain our leading role in developing interactive sonic experiences for health and cultural applications.” 

The Danish Sound Award is presented to a person, a group or a company who has redefined usage or perception of sound or in some way continued innovative work which in turn has continued maintaining Denmark as a leading nation in the field of sound. 

The Danish Sound Day 2021 is arranged by The Danish Sound Cluster. 

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